Trunk-Based Development Is Too Risky! | Source code management, CI/CD, and software development anti-patterns

If you write software, you are probably collaborating with other developers.  If you are collaborating, then you probably need to isolate your code and then merge it together when you're done.  So what are some of the best-practices for managing this?

My favorite is trunk-based development, but that name probably doesn't mean what you think it means!  In this episode, we dive into branching strategies and trunk-based development.  We also touch on test automation, CI/CD pipelines, agility, and DevOps practices.  We'll also talk about anti-patterns or "worst practices" that some companies adopt because they are risk averse.  Ironically, many of today's software delivery practices increase risk rather than decrease it!

Hear my take and compare it to your own, then Tweet me (@tweetsofgrant) and tell me where our views differ!


Accelerate: The Science of Lean Software and DevOps: Building and Scaling High Performing Technology Organizations

Google's Guidebook on Trunk-Based Development

Other Visualizations of Trunk-Based Development

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