How to Handle a Narcissist | Gaslighting, manipulation, and abuse - you will not believe the fantasy land they live in!

I have, unfortunately, dealt with plenty of narcissists in the workplace throughout my career.  Although these encounters are rare, they do happen, they are dangerous people, and when you confront them you need to be prepared for what you're getting into.  Narcissists are not like other people, so you must enter their world (temporarily) if you are going to come out of the engagement intact.

In this episode, we discuss narcissism, the two types of narcissist, patterns of abuse (including the DARVO pattern of manipulation and gaslighting), as well as a real life story of me having to manage one of these types of individual.  Yes, bad managers need to be (and sometimes get!) removed from positions of authority.

Please join me on this weird journey through personality disorders in the corporate world!


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